Weekends are the time when you’d like to relax after the long work and

stress week, to get a bit of relaxation and remove the stress, but the

weekend also comes with a price, that’s right Chores.


You will have to spend your weekend doing the laundry, Clean up your

home, Dry the laundry, Collect the Laundry and etc.


If you live with a big family having all of the people at the house at the same

time can cause space constraint and conflict.


Apart from all that if you have kids, If you plan to spend the day somewhere

outside, the kids just happen to want to go to a place that’s too far away

from home, So you are going to have to say no to your kids and you won’t be

able to go to a place that is to your liking due to the distance.


If you do decide to stay at home then there is the problem of cooking and

dish washing.


In the midst of all of this is it possible to relax and enjoy your weekend?


Well here is a solution


Serviced apartments are considered as their home away from home for

many who come to these apartments and enjoy their weekend.


Say goodbye to chores because in Serviced Apartments not only do you have

your bed made and towels changed when wet, but you get to you do your

laundry conveniently with the washing machines in place


The huge living space and the option of booking as many rooms as

necessary so that you do not have any space constraints.


Serviced apartments are usually cheaper than hotel rooms.


You can go around the city with your family without worrying about putting

the kids late to bed as Serviced apartments are generally placed in the center

of the city and is used as the base for their travel plans by many


Additional tip #1


You don’t have to worry about food costs as you can cook in the kitchen

provided in the serviced apartment


Additional tip #2


If you do not like to make your own food, the you can make use of the

kitchen and order food which is relatively cheaper and healthier




If you are coming to Chennai or Madurai feel free to contact Kolam apartments. We have spacious living areas and our services are high quality for lesser. We will be pleased to work with you!


Hope this helps!😀




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