Women Safety tips while Traveling in India

Traveling in India is a fun and rich experience.

Traveling to a different city or country for business trips or Leisure although amazing comes with it’s downsides.

This article will prove as a guide for women seeking to travel in India Safely.

Safety is the number one concern for female travelers.

There are several tools women can buy to protect themselves.

We can take a look at women travel safety in three ways.


  • Locks

Yes, the most commonly known device to securely protect your suitcase is also one of the most cost efficient anti-theft device.

  • Anti-Theft GPS Trackers for Phones and PC’s

These are tiny devices that emit a signal notifying you about the current whereabouts of your device, which can be accessed online.

  • Theft/Travel Insurance

There are several insurance providers for devices especially for foreigners coming India who reimburse you if you lose your device while travelling

Women Protection

  • Defense Training

One of the most conventional ways to protect yourself is to go through an effective self-defense Training .

  • Pepper Sprays

They are starting to replace in lip-sticks in a women’s bag.

They are relatively easy to get and are highly effective in repelling attackers if aimed at the eyes.

  • GPS trackers

The most technically advanced way to protect yourself is through GPS trackers and Smart Alert devices that come as bracelets, necklaces with buttons to alert pre-selected friends, family and the police about your location.


The most vital part of any traveler’s plan is the night accommodation and quality serviced apartments are the most preferred choice by many travelers.

We, at Kolam take several precautionary steps to ensure women have a safe and comfortable stay with us here, so that we may serve as their home away from home.

Hope this Helps!😀

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